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Novomatic slots are the most advanced casino slot games on the internet and have a fantastic history. The history of the slots begun when they started off as land based casino games and Novomatic slots would fill the floors of casinos around the world. Slot games would make up 70% of land based casinos revenue so these machines were incredibly important to a casino. It was very important that the casinos had the best and most playable machines on the casino floor as this would maximize revenues for the casinos. Novomatic slots soon proved themselves to be the best casino slot machines available and these games could soon be seen around the world in many different casinos. The range of titles in the Novomatic slots range started to grow and there were soon many different games offered through the land based casinos. The birth of the internet arrived and this prompted a demand from fans for the games to be made available online so the players could enjoy their favorite games from the comfort of their own homes. The various games making the move onto the online platform have proved an enormous success.

Click here for: >>>>> Novomatic Slots

The Novomatic slots moving onto an online platform meant that players from around the world could access their favorite casino games from the comfort of their own homes. This was something that was previously impossible and created a whole set of benefits for the players. The first of these benefits was that players would save a lot of money in commuting to and from a casino which meant they had more money to gamble. The second benefit of users playing the Novomatic slots online was the fact that players had to no longer go into a public casino and talk to lots of different people but could now play the slots from the comfort of their own home. The transformation of taking the land based Novomatic slots and then turning them into an online game was a difficult but very worthwhile procedure. Specialist production teams were employed so that the Novomatic slots would be of the highest possible quality when they made the move online. These production teams included the most talented people available in the industry and included designers who would try to ensure the online version of the slot would stay as similar as possible to the original land based game.

The production teams would be in charge of developing the graphics and the sound effects for all of the free Novomatic slots. These graphics are incredibly important as this is how the Novomatic slots game is presented to the users, the graphics must take the theme of each game and manage to present that theme in a very attractive and absorbing way for the player. The graphics include the background of the slot and how the title is written and also the symbols on the reels and how they are presented. An example of a Novomatic slots game with a complicated theme that’s presented really well through the graphics is the game ‘Lord of the Ocean’. This game is themed on a fantasy adventure based right at the bottom of the ocean and the game tries to allow the player to imagine themselves on a wonderful adventure. To successfully allow a player to imagine themselves being at the bottom of the ocean the graphics have to recreate this location very well and in this game they manage to do just that. The background of this Novomatic slots game is a moving ocean image and players will enjoy seeing bubbles race to the surface and seaweed move with the current.

This fantastic background used in the ‘Lord of the Ocean’ casino slot game is excellent and players will really feel absorbed with the feel of the slot game. The symbols used in this Novomatic slots game are excellent and are all provided in 3D with all of the different characters doing a different dance when they spin in on the reels. These graphics in the Lord of the Ocean title are truly excellent and allow players to be completely absorbed by this Novomatic slots game therefore adding lots of enjoyment. The sound effects that the producers use in each individual slot game are very important as it can have a big impact to a player’s enjoyment of a casino game. The sound effects used in the Novomatic slots title ‘Lord of the Ocean’ are excellent and very varied there is a different sound effect for every different win line in the game. This variation of sound effects used in one game really adds value to a players experience when playing a Novomatic slots game. In this particular title the sounds manage to create a very aquatic feel which is in keeping with the theme of the game and this is done through clever electronic tones.

Another Novomatic slots title that the production team has really excelled themselves in the making of it is the game ‘Book of Ra’. The graphics that are used in this game are simply exceptional and manage to make a difficult theme come to life. The theme of this game is an action and adventure game in ancient Egypt, the Novomatic slots game tries to place the user as an explorer on a quest to find the book that will unlock the treasure. This game is brought to life through excellent graphics and players can really imagine themselves hunting through a pyramid looking for clues that will help them on their quest. The graphics include the presentation of excellent symbols and these are done as 3D symbols where the character on the symbol will appear and do a 3D performance when it arrives on the reels. The sounds used to create this Novomatic slots game are also exceptional as they manage to create a very high game playing tempo and also manage to add to the Egyptian feel of the slot. The combination of these graphics and sound effects make for a fantastic playing experience for players of this Novomatic slots game.